CD Replication / Duplication

NMAP Media offers a comprehensive premastering, mastering and CD replication services for all CD-ROM formats.

1.  CD-ROM premastering & CD ReplicationCD Duplication

    - Enhanced CD premastering, combining audio and data sessions.
    - Full verification of pressed CD-ROMs NMAP source data.
    - CD replication starts with glass mastering and ends with packing: Glass mastering from your CD audio data on any of the suitable formats available.
    - Formats that can be mastered include Mode 1 CD-ROM, Mode 2 CD-ROM XA, Video CD, CD EXTRA and Thin-CD.
    - CD Replication services will follow glass mastering using the stampers produced. With a capacity of over 5 million good discs per Month, DFM is able to provide a high quality, fast service throughout the year.
    - All discs are inspected for defects before duplication begins. Measurements taken from samples ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained. The first discs replicated are tested bit-for-bit with the original.

2.  CD Replication Label Printinglabel Printing

NMAP allows you to use up to 5 colors for you printing process. We print using high quality screen printers or Offset printing. UV cured inks allow a high quality, durable label to be added to any CD-ROM. Artwork for disc labels can be created or modified from your original supplied artwork at DFM. DFM utilizes both the Macintosh and PC platforms and can create or modify client supplied artwork as long as it complies with the program format and specifications set in our specification page.

3.  Vinyl-CD (old look Vinyl & Gold record)Vinyl Golden CD

Vinyl & Gold Record CD is a fully functional audio CD which looks, feels, and has the same texture as a classic vinyl and Gold record! The artwork printing on the disc places "grooves" just like a vinyl record on the printed side of the disc and the artwork template is designed to allow a graphic artist to mimic the look, feel, and even the texture of a classic vinyl record! The Gold CD is metalized with gold and when printed with the track listing, this product looks just like a gold record. Take your next CD replication project to the next level with a Vinyl & Gold Record CD.

4.  Scented DiscCD Scent
NMAP Media is now offering Rub & Smell Discs with a variety of scents ranging from fresh fruits to coffee and perfumes!
Rub'n Smell Improves the Effectiveness of Advertising
Stock Scents: (Partial List to the right)
We do not manufacture fragrance oils, but to assist customers who don't have their own fragrance, we have relationships with fragrance oil manufacturers who have expansive libraries of scents that can meet most needs.

Customer Supplied Oils
Virtually any fragrance can be encapsulated and made into Rub'n Smell scented varnish. Customers can supply their own fragrance oils or we can assist in sourcing or developing a specific fragrance upon request. In cases where clients provide their own fragrance oils for encapsulation, we request that the fragrance oils be prepared with the following criteria:
- Made with little to no water soluble materials
- Contain no alcohol or emulsifiers
- Have a boiling point above 100grade Celsius
- Be accompanied with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
- The minimum amount of oil that can be encapsulated is 1 kg of oil (2.2 lb.).

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